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At a high level, reaction injection molding and plastic injection molding are still very similar:
Create a mold with the “negative image” of the Pet Preform product or part to be made
The cavity is filled with material
The material is hardened in the shape of the mold (and finished product) and is pushed out for inspection, processing and packaging.
All of this is true, but the process is not the same – in some cases, reaction injection molding can have an advantage. These include:
In standard plastic injection molding, design best practices, which are useful and often critical in terms of part quality acceptance, dictate a somewhat rigid design. For example, a uniform wall thickness, or a very gradual thickness variation, is an advantage. In addition, extremely thin walls may be difficult to manufacture by plastic injection molding. In addition, thermoset materials for reaction injection molding have lower viscosities than plastic injection molded molten thermoplastics. That is, they can flow more freely into the mold, making it easier to fill hard-to-reach areas that may not be recommended by other processes.
For reaction injection molding, different wall thicknesses are easier to produce without gradual changes in plastic injection molding. Thinner walls and slightly more complex designs can also be produced more easily due to lower material viscosity. In addition, very large parts are generally advantageous for reaction injection molding.
Light parts. The materials used in reaction injection molding are generally more suitable for low density, lightweight parts than standard plastic injection molding materials. For this reason, reactive injection molding is often used in automotive and aerospace components that must be large and strong but lightweight.
Reduce tool costs. In contrast to high-grade tool steels, molds for reaction injection molding can generally be made of a softer, and therefore less expensive, metal such as aluminum. Because the heating required is less extreme, the fluctuation between the heating and cooling temperatures is also small. Therefore, reaction injection molding is often ideal for small batch or prototype production because the main capital expenditure for tool steel molds is not required. In addition, for very high volume operation, it may be beneficial to calculate the mathematical relationship between the reaction injection molding tool and the plastic injection molding tool. The reason is that in these cases, lower tool costs can also give you an edge.
Reduce machine costs. In general, reaction injection molding is a less « dense » process than plastic injection molding: there may be no need for a packaging and holding phase; when using a thermoset material instead of a thermoplastic material, the mold requires a lower clamping force; Mold and machine temperatures are less extreme. For these reasons, the total cost of using reactive injection molding may be lower – whether you are a molding plant or an entrepreneur looking to sign a contract with a manufacturing service provider.
Jilian Plastics is happy to answer any questions you may have about design, process and production options. Our experience and expertise in this field means that we are fully prepared to provide us with an honest and informed view of any issue. Please contact us immediately to talk about your design concept or production needs, professional China Plastic Handle Manufacturers become your reliable partner.

How To Choose Pet Preform Mold Material

Pet Preform mold material – a major driver of mold cost is the material it uses. The most common molding materials are steel or aluminum, but the cost and durability of each material varies. If you don’t know the difference and durability of each product, we can guide you in the discussion. Our best advice is based on the parts and how many parts need to be made.
Molded parts materials – you may want a plastic part, but there are also a variety of different plastics. We have molded many different plastic variants that affect the cost of the part, the durability of the end customer, and the way the material flows during molding. If you don’t know what material to use, we’ll discuss what the part will be used for and what we recommend to maximize the effect of the part.
Molded part surface finish – The surface finish of the part will include mold cost. A more polished surface will require more tool preparation than something with a rough texture.
What kind of look do I like the most?
Natural or foreign
Matte finish / spot dye
Multiple gloss pattern
Leather texture / leather
Wood grain, slate, pebbles
Glass management / consistency
Geometry and line
Mixed reflection and low gloss aspects
Layered texture effects create a new look
The image or logo contained in the pattern
Customizing the mold will increase the value of the part and eliminate the need for post-mold decoration.
Tool work
When all these details are finalized, the tool can be used. Finally, each price is determined by the number of orders. We help you determine the most effective order lot. Although the whole process sounds complicated, we have done it many times. We are here to help guide you through the process, and our mold specialists can design a mold and process to easily make a sketch of the napkin into a finished product.
in conclusion
China Plastic Cap Manufacturers have a good supplier relationship and it is possible to bring your products to market through supply chain management, additive manufacturing and assembly. We can be your source of one-stop service. Contact us today to present your next good idea and let us work together.

Jilian Mold Pet Preform Mparts Interchange

Due to the high-precision machining and strict dimensional control, all the same parts of the Pet Preform mold of Jilian Plastics are interchanged. For many of the same parts in different molds, we keep them as stock to speed up delivery. Time and provide timely service to customers.
PET preforming mold injection molding speed.
We consider the speed of the mold from the mold design, such as injection system, guiding system, ejection system and cooling system. In a cycle time, such as 28 seconds, the cooling time takes 12 seconds. Therefore, we consider cooling the outside of the mold by a sub-cavity group. On these sub-cavities, we use cold water on the mold. In this way, we can reduce it by about 10 seconds per cycle.
PET preform mold safety system.
We designed the electronic eye on the PET preform to ensure that if some of the preforms did not fall, the mold would not close. There is also a travel switch on the mold to ensure that the ejector return stroke is correct. In this way, we are sure that the mold will run for a long time.
Mass production simulation of PET preforming molds.
Before the mold is shipped, we need at least 8 hours of mold mass production speed to run on our special PET injection molding machine to ensure that there are no problems when the PET preform mold arrives at our customer’s shop.
Polyester preform quality:
1. The water connection is reinforced at the bottom of the mold, eliminating the possibility of water marks on the preform.
2. Various stack design and surface treatment options allow each application to be optimized to meet the specific needs of the customer.
3. Special procedures may be used when requirements are tighter than industry standard size and / or weight tolerances
4. Minimal change in weight and size between chambers due to state-of-the-art manufacturing machines and processes
Jilian Plastics not only has breakthroughs in pet preforms, but also as a professional China Plastic Cap Manufacturers, we have a wide range of plastic cap products, welcome customers to consult.

Pet Preform Are Inseparable From Life

Take out all the plastic materials in your home, and your space may end up with nothing. Almost everything we use is made up of it, and the most common thing in our lives is Pet Preform. A variety of plastic packaging is full of our lives, and it is a place that everyone can’t live without.
Plastic is cost effective
Basically, plastics are lightweight, inexpensive, and of high quality. In the past, many bottles were made of metal, which was heavier than the plastic bottles we used today. Weight is very important in any industry due to storage and transportation issues. Plastic bottles are easier to transport and lighter than metal bottles, making them ideal for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.
We have plastic injection molding to thank the price of plastic. This type of manufacturing is required when a large number of high quality products are required.
Although plastic is considered cheaper, we cannot deny the quality it can provide. In addition to the fact that it is easier to store and transport, plastic manufacturing allows plastic manufacturers to have more flexibility and creativity. Because of its high ductility, plastics are very easy to customize, so any design you can think of can be made at any time!
Plastic is optional
Because making plastic is much cheaper, if the product has been used for a while, you can handle it and you don’t have to worry about getting new.
Take plastic spoons and forks as an example. If you want to calculate the cost of damaged or lost appliances, the value may accumulate, but if you want to use the plastic type, this will be the most economical choice. Other than that, you don’t have to wash it with soap and water repeatedly because it is disposable.
Plastic is hygienic
Another reason plastics outperform metals is hygienic quality. It helps prevent the spread of disease caused by improper cleaning.
When using plastic cutlery, especially those that are sealed in separate packages, workers do not need to guess whether it is clean, minimizing wasted time and damaging sanitation. After use, the cutlery can be disposed of immediately. How convenient is this?
Since you know the benefits of using plastic, can you imagine that you don’t have to use plastic more than once in your life? Without it, can you still have a day?
China Plastic Handle Manufacturers are constantly striving to meet the needs of modern consumers, innovating products, bringing more convenient plastic products to our lives, and making our lives even more exciting.

Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Preform Mold Long Life

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional China Plastic Cap Manufacturers. We have been committed to the development and production of Pet preform molding molds for many years. After painstaking improvement and innovation, it has become a famous enterprise in the same industry. We regularly produce cover and cover moulds for a wide range of products, from beverages to medical devices, cosmetics, automotive parts and household items.
1. The mold ranged from 1 cavity to 32 cavities.
2. The template is made of stainless steel.
3. Standard interchangeable mold parts
4. Specially designed nozzles ensure our unique features.
5. The high performance hot runner system ensures uniform melt flow and pressure in all cavities.
6. All parts are manufactured by CNC equipment.
1.15 years experience in hot runner cover mold manufacturing.
2. Imported steel for core and cavity, preheating, stainless steel and corrosion protection.
3. The mold base is a combination of P-20 and C-45 with heat treatment.
4. Before the assembly, the surface of the mold is coated with chromium.
5. All mold parts are standardized and interchangeable.
6. Excellent cooling channel design reduces cycle time.
7. Pet Preform mold life can reach 3 million times.
Hot runner system:
Jilian molds use the latest technology hot runner system, but the price is affordable.
Heating coils and thermocouples are from Italy and Germany, and temperature controllers are from South Korea. Combined with the experience and knowledge of Jilian Plastic Mold, the hot runner system has high stability and reliability, but the cost is greatly reduced.

Innovation In Pet Preform Injection Molding

Plastics are the material of choice for many manufacturers and users because of their flexibility and durability; in addition to custom Pet Preform molds, they are also widely used for packaging. No matter how high the demand is, the products can be manufactured to any specifications, and the manufacturing industry is very keen to maintain this state. Better machines are being invented to bring more complex designs, more products and larger volumes. You can say that the growth of this industry may be an important factor in the growth of any country’s GDP.
Technology is the foundation of the entire styling industry. The need for a better machine means it has to produce more products in less time. Production companies are aware of the high demand for better service and they intend to meet this demand.
The manufacturing process is very simple and can be explained in a few steps. Even if you don’t know anything about modeling, you can get this idea right away. First, a raw material made of a resin or a polymer is melted until it is liquefied. It is then injected into the mold inside the machine. Second, the liquefied materials are molded according to the specifications provided by the customer. Finally, after the molten plastic has hardened, it is ejected from the mold, packaged, and sent to the customer.
Since you know that things are done, you may be interested in knowing what benefits injection molding can bring. There is more freedom in designing various products; two or more products can be produced at one time; more than one raw material can be used in the machine; the filler can be combined to increase the strength of the product; the material can be perfected with the help of the machine; Human labor may be few or no. These are definitely a lot of good things in a seat. Do you disagree?
As the demand for plastic products is growing steadily, this need can only be met with the latest machine innovations. Machine-made goods are more productive than manual labor; old methods are replaced by more productive methods. This means that more plastic molds can be made at one time.
Considering various advantages, many China Plastic Handle Manufacturers have accepted the innovation of plastic injection molding. The growing demand must be met in a timely and accurate manner.

China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Like Injection Molding

According to Wikipedia, injection molding is a production method that produces articles by feeding raw materials into solid molds. The process can be accomplished with a range of components such as thermoset or thermoplastic polymers, elastomers, metals and glass. Selected components used to make the article will be fed into the machine, melted, mixed, and transferred to the mold cavity where it is then cooled and hardened. Jilian Plastics has a wealth of experience in Pet Preform injection molding, and can bring you the molds and products you want.
Type of injection molding
There are different types of manufacturing methods; liquid silicone rubber injection molding, reaction injection molding, plastic injection molding, thin wall injection molding, metal injection molding, and die casting.
Although each type is almost similar and equally beneficial, the plastic injection molding industry is very popular among manufacturers. But like any type of manufacturing method, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of plastic injection molding
Rapid production. This is a way to quickly manufacture a large number of products. In the normal process, one cycle can be completed in half a minute. Imagine how many plastic molds can be made in an hour!
Material and color flexibility. Due to the extreme flexibility of this approach, manufacturers and customers can choose a specific color or specific raw material to deliver the desired product. In the manufacturing process, various improvements can be made to the product before it reaches the final process.
An affordable method. Plastic injection molding machines can be run through programming equipment with little effort. This in turn does not incur additional costs for the entire production process. This is one of the reasons why plastic injection molding has become increasingly popular in plastic mold manufacturing companies for many years.
Disadvantages of plastic injection molding
High start-up fee. Depending on the customer’s needs and needs, the manufacturing process must first use a solid metal to make the mold prototype, which may seem very expensive at first. But considering its strength, the mold can be used multiple times, which may ultimately help customers save a lot of money. However, if the client’s funds are limited, low-cost molds can be used. Aluminum molds can maintain a relatively low initial cost.
Long preparation time. The time required to make the mold may take a while. Usually, it takes a month or more to make it. For customers who want things to get done as quickly as possible, this can be a dilemma.
Laborious modification. If the customer wants to make some modifications to the mold, this can be quite a challenge, because as mentioned earlier, it takes some time to make the mold. Making large products is easy, but if the customer wants to make the injection cavity smaller or more complex, the manufacturing company will work very hard and sometimes impossible.
As you can see, both positive and negative aspects are rare, but in general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This is why many China Plastic Handle Manufacturers prefer this method over other types of injection molding.

Pet Preform Injection Molding High Efficiency

Pet Preform injection molding, a cost-effective, reliable quality plastic product manufacturing process. Plastics have a huge demand for sample testing or commercial use in different industries. How to develop your design into a fast and excellent product is a question that we have been thinking about and what we provide to our customers. Injection molding varies widely in size, complexity, and application, and is a well-known method of making various industrial plastics.
What benefits can plastic injection molding bring to us?
High dimensional accuracy, complex shape and good surface finish.
5 – 100,000 parts or more of low cost of production; fast production speed and fast delivery.
There are more choices in raw plastics and colors; fewer property and application restrictions.
Easily modify tools to save time and cost to produce a modified design.
The ideal process for overmolding different parts made of metal or other plastics.
How to send plastic injection molding to your hands?

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional plastic injection molding company in Huangyan, China. It is a China Plastic Handle Manufacturers that is worthy of trust and choice. It enjoys a good reputation as a reliable business partner.
Experienced engineers and experts are on hand to guide the entire process from quotation to manufacturing.
In the initial phase, we not only listed competitive prices, but also made technical recommendations or concerns. It is designed to optimize manufacturing and end-use design, enabling both of us to achieve brilliant success.
Through several rounds of project reviews, a comprehensive DFM (manufacturing design) file will be created for launch. The DFM file will also show you a very clear tool and molding blueprint.
Choose us, there will be a skilled project engineer to assist you in supervising and taking care of the production, from trial to delivery. If you have any questions, ask your designated consultant.

Choose What Pet Preform Manufacturer Should Pay Attention To

If you plan to produce custom designed products, you may need to find and choose reliable injection molded Pet Preform mold manufacturers to work with. We will share our opinions to help you verify the mold makers in China. The following is a checklist:
1. How long have they been in business?
2. Do they have experience in making molds related to your products?
3. Do they provide molds or tools for the same type of metal or plastic you plan to use?
4. Do they provide one-stop services, tools and molding?
5. What is their registered capital?
6. Do they have any customers in your country to refer to?
7. Can they provide pictures or samples for your assessment?
8. Can I take the mold if I decide to change the supplier?
9. Do they maintain and store the molds that have been built?
10. Do they have after-sales service?
Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional China Plastic Handle Manufacturers. We provide rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing, including rapid mold, injection molding and die casting to meet customer needs. Are you looking for an injection mold manufacturer in China? Then come and contact us and get strong and powerful support for yourself!

China Plastic Cap Manufacturers One-Stop Service

Reasons for using preforms for Pet Preform
Injection molding
quickly. Plastic injection molding is one of the most common techniques for extending the production cycle for a reason: it is fast. How fast? Although the speed depends on the complexity of the mold itself, it usually takes only about 15 to 30 seconds between cycle times.
This is accurate. Plastic injection molding is a very precise method of making almost every type of plastic part. There are certain limitations in design, but the molds created allow the final product to be very accurate. In fact, the accuracy is usually within 0.005 inches.
It is resourceful. Today, with sustainability concerns, it is commonplace for product developers to choose processes that benefit the environment and minimize waste. Plastic injection molding is not only an effective process, but also a resource-rich process. This is because the production of parts requires as much plastic as possible, and the excess plastic can be ground and recycled after use.
Labor costs are low. Injection molding equipment is typically operated using a self-sinking automatic tool to keep operations rational and production continuous, requiring minimal supervision.
Ideal for creating high-strength components. One cooling advantage of plastic injection molding is that fillers can be added to the part during processing, reducing the density of the liquid plastic when the enhanced strength is incorporated into the finished part. Plastic injection molding is the ideal process for parts that require a strong business or product.
flexibility. In addition to precise production processes, plastic injection molding is also a flexible process. What we mean is that, in addition to the color of the product, it is easy to change the type of material being produced.
Smooth finished appearance. Plastic injection molding is a process of producing parts that requires little or no final processing. This is because all the parts coming out of the mold are closest to the finished product. Yes, the surface finish is really good! This is why injection molding requires less labor.
In the long run, it is cheaper than plastic processing. Mold making can be expensive and costs only a few thousand dollars. But after the mold is finished, you can produce a lot of plastic parts at the lowest cost. Because of this, large-scale production using plastic processing may be 25 times more expensive than plastic injection molding.
Co-injection molding. The injection molding machine has the ability to process two different plastics simultaneously.
It is widely used. Look around – you will definitely see a lot of products that may have been made using this process.
Are you looking for a China Plastic Cap Manufacturers? Jilian Plastics offers a one-stop shop to meet your injection molding needs. We understand your requirements and can provide you with the best solution. If you have this need, please contact us!