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In very basic terms, overmolding involves placing one piece of plastic on top of another. In most cases, this involves molding the soft elastomer onto a more rigid substrate, such as a two-piece toothbrush with a soft elastomer-coated Pet Bottle Mould on the rigid polypropylene substrate to give it a « soft » feel.
This is usually very straightforward as long as you have good dimensional control of the substrate.
Recently we have an overmolding project that requires molding a softer hardness on a softer substrate. With the development of molded parts, the walls of the substrate are quite thick, which makes this even more interesting.
First, we found that the part size was too large, we checked the cavity, shrinkage, and processing parameters, but everything was in line with the specifications. We had to squat for a few minutes until we realized what was going on, the first mold (substrate) was actually compressed during the second molding process, when the mold was opened, the part was allowed to decompress and it grew Nearly 10%. We were able to compensate for this with different molding parameters and make the parts conform to the specifications, but it did take us a while.
The main reason for mentioning this is to help us keep thinking. The Gianlian mold has been formed for more than 25 years. I have never seen this before, which is obvious in the hint view, but until it becomes a problem, I only thought about it. As a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience, Jilian Plastics welcomes your message and consultation.

Jilian Mold Changes Everyone’s Impression Of China Pet Bottle

China Pet Bottle molds have left the impression that the world is cheap, but the quality is not high. It is true that most mold factories do this, providing low-cost rather than high-quality molds, even inferior. Frankly speaking, this is not good for the whole industry. I believe that most buyers want to get the mold that can help them make money, not garbage or even money.
Jilian Plastic Mould is one of Huangyan’s leading mold manufacturers in China. Our philosophy is to work with customers to achieve win-win; we do not want to do business once. Even our prices are not as cheap as other small factories, because we believe that even if our molds are not as good as European countries, our molds must be value for money and help our customers make money. We are looking for the most cost-effective mold for our customers.
Jilian mold has the most advanced machine tool in Huangyan. We have spent many years studying and developing in the market, and spent a lot of money to buy advanced equipment, so some molds, especially high-standard molds, can only be done. What I want to say is that maybe you are paying 20% ​​more when you start buying molds from us, but we will give you at least 50% profit from our molds.
Still looking for a reliable Pet Preform maker, what are you hesitating? Jilian Plastics is the leader in China’s mold manufacturing industry. Choosing us can give you a super cost-effective experience.

Jillian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Preform Requirements

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional plastic Pet Bottle Mould manufacturer. How can it be called a professional plastic mold manufacturer? Because we manufacture many different types of plastic molds, from everyday molds to high-standard molds, we offer high-quality products for a variety of different types of manufacturers.
Professional plastic mold manufacturers should have high standards of processing equipment. We have more than 8 sets of CNC centers and the largest CNC machine tools.
Huangyan is the largest hometown of plastic molds. And we are in such a mold town, with strong strength and high visibility, so we can guarantee the quality of the mold.
Our factory has more than 500 workers to serve your mold. The team includes sales departments who provide you with pre-sales services that provide you with rough information on:
The pricing department, he can provide budget prices and work with you. The project department is responsible for tracking mold production time.
The control department is responsible for carefully checking the quality of the mold.
All the staff of Jilian Plastics know that the quality of Pet Bottle Preform is the highest requirement. So we try our best to provide the best mold. We also offer injection molding machines, and we can choose to make it easy for our customers to build production lines and save costs.
If you think we are a professional plastic mold manufacturer, please contact me for more information.

Jilian Mold China Pet Bottle Welcome To Visit

Jilian Mold can design, manufacture and process all types of Pet Preform molds, including plastic cups and bottles of various capacities, shapes and colors. In order to meet the individual needs of the market, the company can design different types of plastic bottle molds according to the different needs of customers.
We have a team of more than 120 people, specializing in plastic bottle mold project management and quality control. From the 3D model of the product to the first tryout, we have done rigorous mold analysis and quality control. We have a professional design team that can provide personalized design based on the customer’s ideas. Once the design is available, our technicians will analyze the processes that may be encountered, such as draught, strength, plastic deformation, wall thickness, and leather grain filling. After these discussions, we managed to analyze the mold process and if there were any problems, we would immediately contact the customer and provide a solution or suggestion.
Our company will hold the China Pet Bottle Design Technology Conference.. All relevant personnel are required to attend the design technology conference. At the meeting, we will propose the main technical points, such as: steel mold parts, the basic structure of the mold, plastic materials and their melt index, customer’s special requirements, injection molding machine parameters and parts processing steps. After the mold design was passed, the design review department continued to review the design. These comments include: mold motion structure detection and positioning system testing, mold injection molding system, mold cooling system testing, mold discharge system testing, mold damage parts.
The company pays attention to mold design and welcomes customers to visit our company.

5-Gallon Pet Preform – Jilian Mold

Jilian Plastics is a company that manufactures high-tech China Pet Bottle and injection molding machines. Located in Huangyan, Zhejiang. High-tech injection molding machines have ripple characteristics:
High-precision aircraft-grade moog servo valves and advanced Barker Electric-controlled high-tech injection molding machines ensure high precision and repeatability of precision injection screw positions and products
1) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that manufactures high-rigidity injection molding machines. The clamping system behind the FEA mold clamps the plastic with low deformation and maintains a high-precision mold to ensure high-speed and stable clamping.
2) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that produces high-efficiency injection molding machines. The raw material feeding, mold opening and demolding simultaneously can reduce the cycle time by about 40%.
3) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that produces energy-saving injection molding machines. The raw material is fed with a servo motor to save energy and precisely control the position. It can save 30% – 80% of electricity
4) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that uses a high-response accumulator as the injection power source, using a high-precision Moog servo valve and a low-inertial injector structure, which can take up to 30 milliseconds.
5) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that manufactures injection molding machines with good plasticizing ability. The screw L / D = 24 ~ 26, the screw uses double wire + mixing to make the materials fully mixed.
6) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company, producing high-precision injection molding machines with fully enclosed mechanical doors, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical triple protection.
If you need a high-tech injection molding machine or a 5-gallon Pet Preform, please feel free to contact me.

Powerful China Pet Bottle Manufacturer – Jilian Mold

Jilian Plastics is a company specializing in the production of high quality Pet Preform molds.
We have the knowledge, experience and advanced machines to handle your molds, as well as state-of-the-art hardware and software to ensure the highest quality molds. We have a clear division of labor and a meticulous work attitude to treat each project. We have a dedicated department to handle every part of the project.
If your project is a concept and you have not yet contacted the mold industry, our company will tailor the manufacturing plan for you. We will consider all issues such as shop floor area, water supply, and output. And provide you with a turnkey solution.
For mold design, we have different 3D design software platforms to adapt to your system. For the mold process, our engineers will track your project throughout the process and we will promptly feed you back on the mold process.
Our high quality molds will ensure your products are competitive in today’s market. We will provide the best solution for your project and hope to establish a long-term relationship with you. Are you still looking for a trustworthy, powerful China Pet Bottle manufacturer? Jilian mold will definitely live up to your expectations and look forward to your message and consultation.

Chinese Pet Bottle Mould Introduction

China is a big country and can offer many goods around the world.
Now I want to introduce Chinese Pet Bottle Mould.
China Plastic Mould is a very large industry, mainly concentrated in Huangyan and Shenzhen. The famous mold city, Huangyan, Taizhou, has gathered more than 2,000 mold companies. One of the best mold makers is Jilian Plastic Molding, which exports about 2,000 molds per year.
As a leader in plastic molds in China, Euler Mould has advanced processing equipment, senior engineers and after-sales services. We have more than 20 years of mold
Experience; mold fields include home appliance molds, packaging molds, pipe fittings, automotive molds, etc. Welcome custom plastic molds, we will give each one
The project produces a customized solution.
If you have a 5-gallon Pet Preform mold project in progress, you are welcome to give us an inquiry and we will give you a reasonable price. Chinese plastic molds will never satisfy you.

Select China Pet Bottle Manufacturer For The Next Project

It is inherently complicated to obtain and analyze the cost of custom injection molding of Pet Preform from different mold makers. The quotation depends on the input, such as sample parts, prototypes, drawings, and so on. The designer must examine each of these inputs to determine the best molding solution. Note that parts can be redesigned to increase efficiency during the manufacturing process and increase the number of parts produced during the molding process.
When molds create more cavities, the cost tends to rise, especially with tight tolerances and extended production life. However, the extra upfront costs are almost always worth it. This elite mold has stood the test of time and requires very little maintenance.
Other variables that affect custom injection molding costs
Formwork is one of many additional factors that affect the cost of custom injection molding. The die holder is a housing that stores the cavity and joins the components to each other. The cost of this base is estimated based on the size of the mold and the type of steel from which the base is made. Even the level of customization that customers expect is playing a role in determining costs. Core metals can affect costs because molds that are used for long periods of time require metals that stand the test of time. This core metal is more expensive. Alternatively, short-term production can utilize a metal that does not last that long and costs less.
Part complexity also affects custom injection molding costs. Whether the final part requires a fine surface finish, tight tolerances, or a certain amount of undercut, this specification will ultimately affect the total cost. Core/cavity machining is also important. Every mold must be customized. Customization requires the placement of cavities, cooling ducts, ejector, and the like. Even the steel used in the parts changes the cost. Particularly durable hardened steel molds are more expensive to manufacture. However, once these super-sturdy steel molds are completed, their production life is quite long.
For our products, Jilian Plastics has consistently adhered to all its standards to provide our customers with consistent, reliable and high quality automotive and industrial plastic parts.
We are a Chinese injection molding company and we are not afraid to compete in the world market and we are determined to succeed. We let our customers choose us with high quality craftsmanship and quality China Pet Bottle. Contact us to discuss whether your injection molding project may be a candidate for re-injection.

Pet Preform Mould Design Completed

  1. Complete your design
    With your market research for the lowest viable Pet Preform Mouldproducts and design recommendations for engineers to increase product scalability, you are ready to complete the product design. You should continue to work with a knowledgeable engineering team who can provide guidance and advice to help you expand your product. The final product must be scalable and well structured.
    2. Coordinate your supply chain
    Now that you have ensured the physical scalability of your product, it’s time to set up the rest of the supply chain.
    Start with your sales forecast and decide how much inventory you want or how much inventory you have the ability to carry. If your sales forecast is lower than the actual demand, you will want to work with your major suppliers to make sure you know the standard lead time for new orders and the options and costs for fast delivery. If the order is not fulfilled, will you pay the cancellation or storage fee?
    You need to know where you will store your inventory. If you have storage facilities, you may already know. Otherwise, you may need to rent space in a public warehouse. If this is the case, you need to decide whether to use a centralized warehouse or multiple distribution centers near your prospective customers.
    Decide how to ship the product and as a standard lead time and fast delivery product.
    Draw a chart of the entire supply chain, from the purchase order to delivery to the customer, so you know exactly how long it will take. Decide which steps you want to have in-process or finished product inventory, as well as the quantity.
    Consider how you will manage delivery if your supply chain breaks. Identify an alternate source and call it if needed.
    Inventory is a strategic investment, but you don’t want to use all your capital. Make a final review of your supply chain and make sure it is as lean as possible.
    Expand your business
    Determining the supply chain will determine the scalability of production.
    3. Record your business process
    You also need to define and document your business processes. If you have an ERP or other business system, many of your processes are already defined for you, so you only need to review them to eliminate unnecessary steps. If your company is still just you and some of the selected leaders, you may not have to worry about purchasing approval levels and other similar details. However, even with a small team, it is a good idea to know who can commit to the company’s funds and to what extent.
    As you grow up, you will be happy to invest time in advance to document your business processes. When you expand your business, it’s much easier to get new employees to join. Automate and systemize your processes as much as possible to create maximum efficiency.
    4. Create tools and accelerate production
    Once all the details are in place, you are ready to enter full production scale mode. If you did not create a tool during the prototype phase, work with the engineers from the major vendors to determine the most cost-effective tool options.
    5. Fine-tune your business plan
    Give your business plan a final review. Are any of your assumptions proven to be wrong? Make adjustments as needed.
    6. Launch and launch the market
    Take the time to make sure your product documentation is ready, and if you have common problems, make sure it’s up to date. Is your sales team ready? Do you have enough marketing materials? If all goes well, then the big day is finally here, and you are ready to launch your Pet Preformproduct.

China Plastic Cap Manufacturers Understand Their Own Capabilities

No one knows more about the company’s manufacturing capabilities, features, limitations and best uses than the China Plastic Handle Manufacturers itself. A design engineer at a company that also provides manufacturing services is an expert on the company’s specific nuances, who will be able to design the best and most efficient manufacturing processes (even if you have designed the design for your product – these engineers are likely It needs to be modified according to the actual conditions of the manufacturing process). Working with an independent design and/or prototyping company means that the generic product design you get is not specific to any particular manufacturing facility – meaning that the manufacturer spends more work and time optimizing the product, or quality And efficiency may drop.
Reduce time spent on initial steps such as material selection and purchasing
As an entrepreneur and product designer, you may find it harder to find production grades and quantities of materials in a strategically beneficial way. It is also unlikely that you want to spend your time. Manufacturers that provide turnkey services benefit from their knowledge in this area: their relationship with suppliers, their expertise in material selection, and their ability to efficiently source the materials you need through existing supply chains. In this way, you are more likely to get the benefits of volume discounts, and you can also save on shipping costs because the materials will be delivered directly to your manufacturer (or the manufacturer may already have them) instead of being delivered to you or Tripartite supplier.
You have less logistics
Designed for manufacturing
Coordinating materials, products, and communication between different parties can be a daunting task, and for a non-turnkey manufacturer, many of the responsibilities will fall on you. You need to worry:
Time and capacity differences for each facility you work with
Different material capabilities
Moving parts for transport and shuttle materials, components, assemblies and finished products
Management personality
and many more. The more “sports” involved in the manufacturing process, the longer it takes and the higher the cost. Turnkey manufacturing minimizes movement by keeping all of these processes under one roof, or eliminating these problems, or dealing with them for you.
Potential cost savings
It is worth repeating that time is the money of manufacture, and the core benefit of many of the above points is that, ultimately, the overall cost of manufacturing a product is lower. You have mentioned that reducing transportation costs and material costs, you don’t have to worry about:
Manage raw material inventory
If the turnkey manufacturer handles this issue, manage product inventory – many manufacturers do this
Easier way to get volume discounts (in addition to raw materials, in overall work) – For manufacturers, a package deal like turnkey manufacturing is usually more popular than piecemeal work orders and jobs, so you might See the cost advantage passed to you.
Put your own time—which can be spent on product development, sales, or other tasks—to manage all the different aspects of the manufacturing process that you may not be familiar with.
More importantly, China Plastic Cap Manufacturers need expertise in every area of ​​the manufacturing process – if they don’t, they won’t provide complete end-to-end service. When you work with turnkey manufacturers, you can be confident that they are working hard to develop their own company and be able to provide these services effectively.