China Pet Bottle Preform Industry Rapid Development

With the rapid development of the Pet Bottle Preform industry, the application of plastic products in our daily life is expanding.
The increase in the use of plastic products has driven the development of injection molds.
Jilian mold can provide you with injection molds, especially plastic injection molds.
Plastic injection molds are tools for producing plastic products.
The injection mold consists of several parts, including the cavity, core, template, partial ring, and hot runner system extension.
During the injection process, the plastic injection machine transfers the molten plastic into the mold cavity and then cools the plastic that is finally discharged from the mold.
These actions are injection molding of the entire plastic.
Injection mold
The plastic injection mold structure varies with plastics and products.
But the infrastructure is the same. The mold consists of a casting system, a temperature system, and mold parts.
The core and the cavity are in direct contact with the product, so the core and cavity are in high demand for production. The gating system is the runner.
Jilian Plastics specializes in the production of injection molds. We can provide you with a variety of injection molded China Pet Bottle molds. If you have any questions about injection molding, please feel free to contact us.

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