Pet Preform Mould Turnkey Project

Today, Pet Preform Mould turnkey engineering services are becoming more and more popular in the mold field. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, Jilian Plastics has made a lot of efforts in this regard. Now we have a professional plastic injection mold and injection molding machine turnkey project service. We provide turnkey engineering services for many countries to build full-hole plastic injection molding plants and syringe mold factories.
We have our own precise designers and engineers to design different types of plastic molds, such as pipe molds, packaging molds, automotive molds, injection molding machines, household appliance molds… We will provide you with product design, mold design, flow molds. We will train our customers on mold and mechanical technology. If necessary, we will send our professional technicians to the customer’s country until all the work can be started. The important thing is that we will make our investment and situation for us. Customized solutions. We will give you the best solution.
If you are also interested in the China Pet Bottle mold turnkey engineering service, please contact us.

China Pet Bottle Injection Molding Machine With High Standard Configuration

The difference between over mold and two-color injection mold: over mold refers to first molding a part and then inserting it into another Pet Preform Mould to become a new part.
Two-color includes independent two-color and mixed two-color: Independent two-color refers to two colors made on one machine, usually by moving the cover mold (by flipping the mold). A double mold requires two sets of molds, two sets of the same cavity, and two sets of different covers. The two sets of formwork are interchangeable; mixing two colors requires only one set of molds and a dedicated plastic machine, which is an attachment to two separate nozzles and independently controls the injection parameters of each nozzle.
Mixed two-color injection molding process:
The main injection unit is mounted in the center of the fixed platen. The side injection device is mounted vertically on the mainframe at a certain oblique angle, which makes full use of the space without occupying a large floor space.
The main injection unit and the side injection unit can be separately controlled and produce mixed color products according to different requirements.
Various combinations of main injection unit and side injection unit of different specifications to meet customer needs and achieve sandwich injection molding of various materials
China Pet Bottle injection molding machine with high standard configuration.
Double cylinder balanced injection structure
Four-stage setting of injection speed, pressure and position
Three-stage setting of pressure-bearing material feeding speed, pressure, position
Injection position monitoring function
Injection position scale control
Screw cold start prevention function
There are three options for seating

China Professional Pet Bottle Preform Manufacturing

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional manufacturer of Pet Bottle Preform molds in China. In order to ensure the quality of the mold, we always make molds with a serious and responsible attitude. Therefore, we are committed to continuous exploration, innovation and progress to provide you with high quality molds. We have some professional teams responsible for mold design, mold processing, mold inspection and mold transportation. The division of labor is very clear and everyone has specific responsibilities. In the process of the mold, we will give you feedback on a regular basis. We have professional project management to ensure the quality of the mold. We conceive, design, manufacture and test each mold to meet your tolerances and specifications.
Molding machine
We can provide you with high quality injection molds, plastic products, rapid prototyping and die casting molds. We can also provide a full range of production lines, such as injection molds, injection molding machines, auxiliary machines… Our company will provide you with a full range of services. For mold steel, we can follow your requirements. If you don’t have special requirements, we will choose the most suitable steel for you based on your production and the characteristics of the plastic and products.
We sincerely invite you to visit our company. If you are interested in any Pet Preform mold, please feel free to contact us.

China Pet Bottle Preform Industry Rapid Development

With the rapid development of the Pet Bottle Preform industry, the application of plastic products in our daily life is expanding.
The increase in the use of plastic products has driven the development of injection molds.
Jilian mold can provide you with injection molds, especially plastic injection molds.
Plastic injection molds are tools for producing plastic products.
The injection mold consists of several parts, including the cavity, core, template, partial ring, and hot runner system extension.
During the injection process, the plastic injection machine transfers the molten plastic into the mold cavity and then cools the plastic that is finally discharged from the mold.
These actions are injection molding of the entire plastic.
Injection mold
The plastic injection mold structure varies with plastics and products.
But the infrastructure is the same. The mold consists of a casting system, a temperature system, and mold parts.
The core and the cavity are in direct contact with the product, so the core and cavity are in high demand for production. The gating system is the runner.
Jilian Plastics specializes in the production of injection molds. We can provide you with a variety of injection molded China Pet Bottle molds. If you have any questions about injection molding, please feel free to contact us.

Jilian Plastic Mold Professional 5-Gallon Pet Preform Equipment

We adhere to the principle of “meeting the needs of our customers and realizing their ideas with professional solutions”. In order to achieve this goal and better serve our customers, we have imported many advanced large-scale precision processing equipment for the production of 5-gallon Pet Preform molds. In addition, we have established complete CAD, CAM and CAE systems to ensure high precision of the mold.
We adhere to the business spirit of “responsibility, good attitude and attention to detail” and always pay attention to the core team building. The company has good relationships with many well-known companies and enjoys a good reputation from overseas customers. Our company promises: reasonable price, good quality, worry-free after-sales service, and can quickly respond to customer requirements.
We sincerely hope to establish mutually beneficial and long-term business relationship with you. Let us work with you to create a better Pet Bottle Preform product, bringing more benefits!

Jillian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Preform Requirements

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional plastic Pet Bottle Mould manufacturer. How can it be called a professional plastic mold manufacturer? Because we manufacture many different types of plastic molds, from everyday molds to high-standard molds, we offer high-quality products for a variety of different types of manufacturers.
Professional plastic mold manufacturers should have high standards of processing equipment. We have more than 8 sets of CNC centers and the largest CNC machine tools.
Huangyan is the largest hometown of plastic molds. And we are in such a mold town, with strong strength and high visibility, so we can guarantee the quality of the mold.
Our factory has more than 500 workers to serve your mold. The team includes sales departments who provide you with pre-sales services that provide you with rough information on:
The pricing department, he can provide budget prices and work with you. The project department is responsible for tracking mold production time.
The control department is responsible for carefully checking the quality of the mold.
All the staff of Jilian Plastics know that the quality of Pet Bottle Preform is the highest requirement. So we try our best to provide the best mold. We also offer injection molding machines, and we can choose to make it easy for our customers to build production lines and save costs.
If you think we are a professional plastic mold manufacturer, please contact me for more information.

5-Gallon Pet Preform – Jilian Mold

Jilian Plastics is a company that manufactures high-tech China Pet Bottle and injection molding machines. Located in Huangyan, Zhejiang. High-tech injection molding machines have ripple characteristics:
High-precision aircraft-grade moog servo valves and advanced Barker Electric-controlled high-tech injection molding machines ensure high precision and repeatability of precision injection screw positions and products
1) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that manufactures high-rigidity injection molding machines. The clamping system behind the FEA mold clamps the plastic with low deformation and maintains a high-precision mold to ensure high-speed and stable clamping.
2) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that produces high-efficiency injection molding machines. The raw material feeding, mold opening and demolding simultaneously can reduce the cycle time by about 40%.
3) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that produces energy-saving injection molding machines. The raw material is fed with a servo motor to save energy and precisely control the position. It can save 30% – 80% of electricity
4) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that uses a high-response accumulator as the injection power source, using a high-precision Moog servo valve and a low-inertial injector structure, which can take up to 30 milliseconds.
5) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company that manufactures injection molding machines with good plasticizing ability. The screw L / D = 24 ~ 26, the screw uses double wire + mixing to make the materials fully mixed.
6) We are a high-tech injection molding machine company, producing high-precision injection molding machines with fully enclosed mechanical doors, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical triple protection.
If you need a high-tech injection molding machine or a 5-gallon Pet Preform, please feel free to contact me.

Chinese Pet Bottle Mould Introduction

China is a big country and can offer many goods around the world.
Now I want to introduce Chinese Pet Bottle Mould.
China Plastic Mould is a very large industry, mainly concentrated in Huangyan and Shenzhen. The famous mold city, Huangyan, Taizhou, has gathered more than 2,000 mold companies. One of the best mold makers is Jilian Plastic Molding, which exports about 2,000 molds per year.
As a leader in plastic molds in China, Euler Mould has advanced processing equipment, senior engineers and after-sales services. We have more than 20 years of mold
Experience; mold fields include home appliance molds, packaging molds, pipe fittings, automotive molds, etc. Welcome custom plastic molds, we will give each one
The project produces a customized solution.
If you have a 5-gallon Pet Preform mold project in progress, you are welcome to give us an inquiry and we will give you a reasonable price. Chinese plastic molds will never satisfy you.

Chinese Pet Preform Manufacturers Provides Great Commitment To Mold

In order to save costs, can I send my part overseas?
Once the prototype of the Pet Bottle Mould is completed, the mold can be designed and referenced. Yes, if needed, Jilian Mold can provide lower cost offshore tool production. We still fully support the quality of the molds and finished products, no matter who produces the tools.
We are more willing to participate in the entire operation, simply because it is a smooth process for us and our customers. Another important advantage that Jilian molds provide in on-site production is that we are able to maintain molds in our store. We often check the molds before and after use to make sure they are working properly.
What certification should the injection molding machine have?
The parts produced by your molds pass rigorous inspections and meet high safety and quality standards. For mold design, manufacturing and supply in the plastics and metal moulding industry, certified molds have been registered to ISO 9000:2008 or the new version of ISO 9000:2015. This certification demonstrates that pet preform manufacturers have shown great promise in providing high quality parts to their customers.
Passing these top questions to the next injection company can help you choose a reliable mold to meet part specifications, budget and turnaround time. Remember – long-term business relationships are based on trust, communication and quality of work. If you have any other questions, please contact the experts of Jilian Plastics.